The goal of measuring is to determine the correct size to order for each athlete. Accurate measurements are vital to the proper fit of your athlete's apparel. Please make sure that all athletes are wearing fitted workout apparel during the measuring session.

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A. Chest Measurement: Measure the chest of the athlete while their arms are down at the sides and at the fullest part of the chest. Your measuring tape should always be parallel to the floor while taking the measurement. 


B. Waist Measurement: When measuring the waist, wrap the tape at the natural waistline which is the narrowest part of the waist.


C. Hip Measurement: Take the hip measurement at the fullest part of the buttocks with the athlete’s feet together. Ensure that the tape measure is parallel to the floor.


D. Torso Measurement: Take the torso measurement from the center of the shoulder, down the torso, through legs, and back to the shoulder. This is the most important measurement.

AcEiffel Girls/Women's Size Chart Fit Options

CXXS22"16"-18"(41cm-46cm)18"-19"(46cm-48cm)18"-20"(46cm-51cm)36"-38"(91cm-97cm)1-2 Years
CXS24"19"-21"(48cm-53cm)19"-21"(48cm-53cm)21"-23"(53cm-58cm)39"-41"(99cm-104cm)3-4 Years
CS26"22"-24"(56cm-61cm)21"-22"(53cm-56cm)23"-25"(58cm-64cm)42"-44"(107cm-112cm)5-6 Years
CM28"24"-26"(61cm-66cm)22"-23"(56cm-58cm)25"-27"(64cm-69cm)45"-47"(114cm-119cm)7-8 Years
CL30"26"-28"(66cm-71cm)23"-24"(58cm-61cm)26"-28"(66cm-71cm)48"-50"(122cm-127cm)9-10 Years
AXS32"28"-30"(71cm-76cm)25"-26"(64cm-66cm)28"-30"(71cm-76cm)51"-53"(130cm-135cm)10-11 Years
AS34"30"-32"(76cm-81cm)27"-28"(69cm-71cm)30"-32"(76cm-81cm)54"-55"(137cm-140cm)11-12 Years
AM36"32"-34"(81cm-86cm)28"-29"(71cm-74cm)32"-34"(81cm-86cm)56"-58"(142cm-147cm)12-13 Years
AL38"34"-36"(86cm-91cm)29"-30"(74cm-76cm)35"-37"(89cm-94cm)59"-61"(150cm-155cm)13-14 Years
AXL40"36"-38"(91cm-97cm)30"-31"(76cm-79cm)37"-39"(94cm-99cm)62"-64"(157cm-163cm)15+ Years
AXXL42"38"-40"(97cm-102cm)31"-32"(79cm-81cm)39"-41"(99cm-104cm)65"-67"(165cm-170cm)15+ Years

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A. Chest Measurement:  Measured just below the armpits. Take the entire circumference of the chest, taking a short breath and arms down. If you’re a stockier gymnast, we recommend you base your singlet size mainly from this measurement.


B. Waist Measurement: Wrap the tape measure around your hip at the point where the waistband on your shorts or pants will be when worn. Measure the entire circumference. Note our shorts and pants are elasticated and have drawstrings to fit various builds.


C. Torso Measurement: To measure the torso, start from the top of the shoulder where singlet strap would sit and down through the gusset between the legs and up over the back to create an entire torso loop. If you’re a taller than average gymnast, we recommend you base your singlet size mainly from this measurement.


D. Pant Inseam: Measure the length from your gusset all the way down to the floor. Combine this length with your waist measurement to figure out your pant size. Slender builds should focus more on inside leg length, stockier builds focus more on waist.


E. Shorts Length: No sizing required here, just a way for you to check how long the shorts will be when you choose a certain waist measurement.

AcEiffel Boys/Men's Size Chart Fit Options



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